Brooklyn Creative League gives freelance professionals, small-shop companies, and nonprofits the tools they need to get their work done: affordable, green shared workspace, office amenities, and a community of professional colleagues.

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Community and collaboration are the twin pillars of Brooklyn Creative League’s culture. Our regular schedule of events, lunches, happy hours, workshops, and industry working groups offer countless ways to build relationships based on shared interests, knowledge, and trust.

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Brooklyn Creative League occupies a pair of sunny lofts in an old sweater factory in Gowanus. Our floor plans and green construction materials offer privacy while retaining a feeling of openness. And our muted design palate is warm, bright, and energizing.

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Members are the heart of Brooklyn Creative League’s thriving space. We’re a dynamic ecosystem of independent professionals who come together to work, learn, play, and collaborate.

“I've met more collaborators here in just a year than everywhere else over the past five years.”

Brooklyn is the locus of NYC’s most novel thinkers, makers, and doers. Brooklyn Creative League lies at its center, surrounded by some of the city's newest and best resturants, bars, and galleries.

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“This space keeps me in touch with so many people outside my industry that it keeps me ahead of everyone inside mine.”
Lavender Lake

Happy Hour @ Lavender Lake [MEMBERS + GUEST ONLY]

Spring is almost here and it’s time for another BCL happy hour! So come out this…

Purpose Economy

Lunch & Learn: Aaron Hurst on “The Purpose Economy” [MEMBERS ONLY]

Join Aaron Hurst, a globally recognized entrepreneur and CEO of Imperative–a technology platform that enables people…


BCL Blood Drive: Friday, April 25, 10am-4pm [OPEN TO THE PUBLIC]

Come join the members of Brooklyn Creative League in giving blood to the New York Blood…